an interview with Jocefin Field

She: What’s your full name?
Jocefin: Jocefin Estelle Field.

She: How old are you?
Jocefin: 4

She: Who’s your daddy?
Jocefin: Papa. Benjamin.

She: Who’s your mama?
Jocefin: Clara Field.

She: Who are your sisters?
Jocefin: Jaela and Elle Field.

She: Do you have a pet?
Jocefin: No.
She: Do you want a pet?
Jocefin: Yes.
She: What kind?
Jocefin: A polkadot puppy.

She: What do you like to find in your fridge?
Jocefin: Chicken, broccoli, salad, peas, and um….ice cream! And candy!

She: What do you like to drink?
Jocefin: Water, milk, and orange juice.

She:  What’s your favorite breakfast?
Jocefin: Cinnamon swirl and oatmeal. That’s all I like. Orange juice, milk, and water. Yeah, eggs. That’s all. Oh yeah, egg in an egg cup. That’s all. And toast sticks. That’s all.

She: What is your favorite outfit?
Jocefin: Party dress and polkadot shoes.

She: What do you wear outside?
Jocefin: A dress, a skirt, mittens, long sleeves, a hair band, also glasses… sunglasses, a shirt, a jacket because it’s cold outside. And shoes that are polkadot.

She: What’s your favorite joke?
“Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Potato who?
“What did one wall say to another wall?
Meet you at the corner!”

She: Who are your friends?
Jocefin: Brielle, Riley, Oscar, Henry, Evie, Dakota, Branson, Spencer, Elizabeth, Khiana, Katelyn, Deore, and Leah.

She: What’s your favorite book?
Jocefin: The princess Rapunzel.

She: What do you like about that book?
Jocefin: Because Rapunzel is a princess and I like princesses. And she has a polkadot dress. I also love Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. And Snow White. And the princess and the frog. And Pocahontas. Don’t forget about her!

an autumn hike to clara lake

fall colors at Clara Lake

Finally! I’ve been wanting to do this for the last five years- I don’t know why it took me this long- because I kind of had to, right? My own lake, after all. We hiked up last Saturday, just me and him, and it was so lovely.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Lake Clara

Everything was just bursting with fall beauty- moss, a little snow, beautiful yellow larches (a strange and lovely deciduous conifer phenomenon), translucent green water, small bushes and trees turning all colors of autumn.

crazy lovely life

oh yellow

alarms beeping too early
pale pink on a dark blue sky
breakfasting before dawn
fog, cold, quiet
crazy busy mornings

off to : school, work, field trips
don’t forget, grab your lunch
bright sunshine and sunglasses
off to : see the world
painful, beautiful, hard work

sunshine, snacks, homework
a sturdy breeze
bicycles, scooters
favorite games and shows
we’re home again

busy nights
dinner, baths, bedtime stories
sunsets, northern lights, harvest moons
light and dark together
turn off the lights, turn on the nightlight
my little lights shut their eyes, fall asleep


what we’ve been up to

It’s been a great summer. Only 4 days left. {!!!} We have really soaked up the hot weather and time with friends and exploring our valley. The girls have had tea parties and sleepovers and picnics. We’ve played in the rivers and lake, digging in the sand and climbing on rocks. {And saw that one snake hiding in the rocks.} I don’t know if we’re ready to start school yet, but we can’t say we didn’t enjoy our summer…because it has been wonderful!

an interview with Henry Smith

Henry, grinning

Last Sunday afternoon I sat down with my nephew, Henry Smith, for an interview after a refreshing swim in a friend’s pool.

She: What’s your favorite car?
Henry: A Mustang. Cause they’re so loud, they go VROOM VROOM.

She: What car are you going to get when you can drive?
Henry: When I’m 16, I’m gonna get a Tesla. When the Tesla gets old, I’ll get a Mustang.

She: What are you going to be when you grow up?
Henry: An adult.

She: What are you going to do for a job?
Henry: Drive a car.

She: Who is in your family?
Henry: My mama, dada, Evie and also myself.

She: Where does your dada work?
Henry: Dada works at

She: Where does your mama work?
Henry: She works. When a nanny comes she works. I don’t know where.

She: What does your nanny do with you?
Henry: My nanny plays with me. Krista, or Katie, my preschool teacher, or Jaela.

She: What’s your favorite game?
Henry: Take the cake. You just roll the dice. And you just shake what number it is.

She: What’s your favorite food?
Henry: Every kind of food.

She: What’s your favorite dessert?
Henry: Every kind of dessert.

She: How old are you?
Henry: I’m 3. I’m going to be 4.

She: What are you going to do when you’re 4?
Henry: Have a cake party.

She: What’s your favorite thing to do with Evie?
Henry: We both like to pretend to drive the 4Runner and the Mazda.

She: One last question, Henry. What are your top 5 favorite cars?
Henry: 1 is Tesla S, 2 is Infiniti, 3 is Aston Martin, 4 is Mustang, and 5 is 4Runner.

And then the interview was over because he was worn out from swimming and wanted to take a nap.

learning from our stories

river's edge closeup

Concerning advice about children: there’s way too much to read it all and digest it and then know what to do about it. It can be a good thing, a wonderful problem, to have too much information about every possible aspect of parenting, but it can also be overwhelming. I have to just absorb what I can, use it when I need it, and let go of the rest.

How to do that? I’m not really sure. Have you ever been up at 3am with a sick child and decided to google their symptoms? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. So. Much. Information. Overwhelming. And at 3am, scary.

I enjoy reading the stories of people’s lives: their routines, how they handle the little things, the big decisions they’re making, and how they teach their children. I learn more from that than from the lists from experts of how to handle problems. I like hearing stories.

Mothers, and grandmothers, and aunts, and other women in our lives who fill that role really help us in this – they share the stories of us, of how they handled it, and what they thought the best way was. Those stories are our history and help us to make better decisions.

This summer we have been very busy, in a very good way – the beach by the river and the lake, swimming and digging in the sand, camping in the forest and playing with friends. We’ve been making lists, and doing projects {some photos to come!}, and getting our summer bucket list done. We are creating right now the story of their childhood, and for me, the story of motherhood.

I like learning from you. I like reading and seeing on facebook, instagram, blogs and through emails how you all are handling life and what you’re doing with your kids and what decisions you’re making. I learn so much from you.

I know we have bad days as well as good days, and I’m really happy that we focus on the good, but let’s share it all – what we did with the good and the bad – we learn from each other’s stories.

Next time I’m up at 3am trying to solve some problem, I’ll remember your stories and remember you’ve been here too.

The above story is about being at the riverfront park for a picnic and how the little girl was so fascinated by it that she could hardly eat.